Monday, December 3, 2012

Sister Lamb's 7 Minute Letter and a 12 Children Prediction

Hello Family!

I love you!

When I say that I don't have a lot of time this week, I really mean it. I only have 7 minutes, so we will have to make this quick.

Lately, there have been a lot of firesides/ devotionals/ etc that I have been hearing that are about gratitude, so maybe I need to be a little more grateful.

Something great that has been happening this week is that we have been getting a lot of referrals. We got one on Monday that came from Temple Square- a young guy who is Catholic, but said that he would like to learn. We met his mom, who seemed nice, but surprised to see us on her doorstep asking for her son. We also got one from the Trail Center and another from our stake president, but we just received both of those today, so we don't know much about them yet.

Other good things include that we got our Christmas tree set up and I got your package in the mail just before emailing. I hope that I was supposed to open it now :). Because I already did.

On Friday, we had a dinner appointment with someone in the ward. We weren't entirely sure who it was, but were pretty sure that it was a young, single lady. When we got to her home, a man opened the door. We told him who we were looking for, and he told us that he didn't know who it was, that they were Jehovah Witnesses and that we could come in. We were really confused but he told us to come inside. Turns out he is actually a member of our ward but is on the high council, so we didn't recognize him. He apparently loves to play jokes on the missionaries. The woman we were having dinner with lives with him and his wife.

Sister Anderson took her first tours yesterday. I didn't want to push her into it before she felt at least a little ready. I wanted it to be her choice and was helping her to set a goal for when her first solo tour would be, but I was getting a little nervous because she kept putting it off. Finally on Saturday night, she was trying to get me to practice singing for the concerts, but I really didn't want to, so I made a deal with her that if she would give a tour on Sunday, that I would sing. It worked like a charm. She gave two tours on Sunday.

On Sunday evening, towards the end of the night, a family came upstairs from the Gingerbread Festival and started heading straight for the gallery. I intercepted them and offered to show them around. They were from Bulgaria, but now live in Omaha, but that is really not that important. The first thing that the father said as we walked into the gallery was "Is that Joseph Smith?" I then proceeded to tell them about Joseph Smith and the first vision and prophets. At first, their attention was all on me, but as we continued talking, one by one, family members drifted off until it was just the father and me talking about the importance of prophets and possibility of there being one on the earth today. In the end, he agreed that we need a prophet, but didn't believe that there could be one. I just bore my testimony one more time, to which he responded "Is it all right it we just wander around the gallery ourselves?"

I don't know why I share this experience with you other than as much as I hate when people don't like something that I try to share with them, at least I know that I am doing my job as a missionary.

The other funny thing that happened was that a group of 14 kids (all cousins between 4 and 7 years old) with 3 adults was here. As I was shouting out orders to the kids, one of the mom's said "You should have 12 kids." NO thank you

Ok, so a little longer that I expected, but I did copy and paste some things that I had already written to Elder Watson.

Love you!

Sister Melly

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