Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sister Melanie's Gratitude Attack on Thanksgiving

Hello Family!
Love you!
Alright, so first things first. As you know, transfers were this last week. We didn't find out what would be happening until Thursday morning. But the results are. .. .. Drum roll please. ... . Sister Davis is going to be serving in Council Bluffs with Sister Jarman (they live just right below us) and I am training one of the new sisters, Sister Anderson. She is from Visalia, California. On Thursday morning, Sister Davis and I were asked to take all the new missionaries on tour at the Trail Center (there are 2 sisters- Holt and Anderson- and four elders). Then, that night, they came to the Thanksgiving dinner at the Trail Center where one of the senior sisters accidentally let it slip that I was going to be training one of them (the new sisters didn't know what would be happening yet- I had a feeling that was going to happen) but then they found out later that night and we had transfers on Friday morning.
Missionaries often call the person being trained the baby and the trainer the mom (or dad). So I guess you have another grandchild! Ha-ha. I actually really don't like when people call new missionaries babies. I think it is weird.
Thanksgiving was so fun! After we took the new missionaries on tour, we completed a master plan to gratitude attack all of the senior couples. The only problem is that most of them live in the same, locked apartment complex. We came up with quite the scheme. We had the Openshaws let us and the Fairview sisters in under the premise that we were going to decorate just the Going's door (Sister Going is the senior sister that has cancer). Then the Fairview sisters played decoy by asking to use the Openshaw's bathroom. When they were gone, we doubled back and let the Millard and Council Bluffs sisters in, then split up to go decorate doors. When we were done, we went to go get the Fairviews from the apartment and left. The other sisters almost got caught by Elder Openshaw when he chased us down to give us fruit snacks. Then they went to decorate the Openshaw’s door. It was probably more of a scheme than was really necessary, but when we were done, we felt like we had pulled off a bank robbery or something. After that, we made rolls and green bean casserole, then watched "Brave" at the Trail Center, had dinner with the senior couples, sang songs, and watched "The Best Two Years". The best two years is about a new missionary that has a totally deadbeat, disobedient trainer. By the end, the new missionary is able to get the trainer going again and everything turns out great, but all I could think of was worrying that that would be Sister Anderson and I. Ha-ha.
But, it has actually been really good. We have been doing the 12 week training program, just like I did at the beginning of my mission, which has been a good refresher so far. When we are in the Trail Center, she has just been shadowing my tours, which is a little scary to have someone watching and copying your every move, but it has given me just enough stress to make me work a little harder and be a little better. It has also helped me to realize that I am doing a lot better than I thought I was. I just had to blast through a couple of fears and I am doing just fine. I hope that I can say the same for Sister Anderson. She is really great. She loves being a missionary and I appreciate her willingness and eagerness to do the work. She is confident and trusts in the Lord. She is going to be a great missionary. The work in our area is already starting to improve and we are finding new people to teach and have a renewed hope for those that we are already teaching. I expect many great miracles in the next few months!
Love YOU!
Sister Melly

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