Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sister Lamb's Christmas Solo and New New Year Plan

Hello Family!
Love you!
This last week has been a cold one. I finally had to pull out my big, warm winter coat, although I am avoiding wearing it as much as possible because it is so annoying to wear a coat when we are constantly getting in and out of the car and going in and out of homes, but better than being out in the cold for long periods of time.
It was a fun week with new adventures.
After p-day on Monday, we stopped by our recent converts - the Buetow's- apartment for a minute to ask them a question. They were babysitting 3 of their former neighbor's kids (12, 10, and 7) and were eating dinner. When they were finished, we gathered everyone in the living room for a story. We told them the story of Ammon and cutting off the arms. They decided that the moral of the story was that you should love and serve your enemies. We had fun. The next morning, we were able to go back and do some service for the Buetows. They do not have a car and have not been able to do laundry for a little while, so we took all of their laundry and washed and dried and folded it for them. I love the Buetows. I was so happy that they allowed us to help them.
Then, from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, we were not in our area at all! We worked in the Trail Center, had district meeting, did service at the medical clinic, and had a rehearsal for our Christmas performances. Here is the big surprise: . .. . . I am singing a solo in the Christmas performances. Yikes! It’s just the first verse of "O Holy Night" and then Sisters Jarman and Brown sing the other verses. Also, Sisters Davis and Proctor and I sing another song. The first performance was on Saturday at the Gingerbread Festival. It went pretty well, but I was definitely nervous.
When Saturday finally came and we were in West Maple again, we only had about three hours because we needed to weekly plan, but we were able to teach 4 lessons in those 3 hours. First, we saw Tatiana- who actually had texted us on Friday asking if we could stop by. She always has a question to ask us. This time, it was "Why do we need to go to church?" We read from Mosiah 18 and Moroni 7 (?) and talked about strengthening each other, taking the Sacrament, being unified, staying on the path. We also invited her to be baptized, to which she said yes, but no solid date yet. Then, we contacted a referral- a 25ish man who went to Temple Square and has heard a lot of crazy things about the church, but thought that he should go straight to the source to find out what we really believe. We are seeing him again next week. We also saw two less actives, including Sister Larrabee, who has cancer and lives by herself in senior housing. We shared a Christmas message and helped her set up some Christmas decorations and listened to Christmas music, which got all of us pretty excited and happy.
Sunday was a great day as well! More miracles! We were able to teach 2 member present lessons (which we have been struggling with lately). The best of the three was with Holly. Together, we made a list of 30 things we are grateful for and talked about how much God loves her specifically. God could have given someone else these blessings, but he chose to give them to HER. Brother Griffin jumped in as well and told her over and over that God loves her. We told her that she just needs to tell herself that she believe it and have faith in herself and that eventually, she will really believe it and then later, she will know it! We think she is doing just that because later that night, when we saw her again, she was asking what time her baptism was going to be at in 2 weeks (on the 22nd).
We are starting to look forward to the new year. This last Sunday in Missionary Correlation Meeting, our ward mission leader mentioned about the ward is beginning to write the new Ward Mission Plan for the new year. We are excited for this new plan and hope to be able to help in the creation of the ward mission plan so that we can work more in harmony with the ward and be able to help them in their missionary efforts.
I am so grateful for the 12-week training program and being able to go through the training again with Sister Anderson. One great effect that the 12 week program has helped us with is thinking of new ways to find people. We have been studying this subject a lot recently. We recognize that there is great potential in using family history is finding and also working closely with ward members to find people to teach. The hard part is that I feel like I have gotten a little stuck in the way that I do things and that it is difficult to change, simply because I do not confidently know how to do anything but what I have been doing for so long. We want to spend a lot more time with members, we want to learn more about family history and use it in our tracting, and we also want to find more opportunities to serve people. In the experience that I have had with offering service, it has been extremely effective. A few months ago, we were able to find several new investigators in one afternoon just by offering to rake people's leaves for them. We would also like to help the ward better focus on missionary work as they plan for ward activities.
We hope that with the new year coming (especially with the creation of a new ward mission plan); we will be able to change the way that we and the ward approaches missionary work.
Ok. That's enough from me. Love you!
Don't freeze!
Love, Sister Melly

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