Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sister Lamb's Fall Festivities and Pumpkin Photos

Dearest Family,

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween will be a day in the Trail Center for me. Sister Davis and I are working in the TC from 9 until 5 and then we are having our standard Halloween activity. . . . Having dinner and making Christmas presents for our families! Ha-ha. You will have to wait and see what this year’s project is. They will also be playing "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" per suggestion of President Weston, but if it is anything like last year, we will be rushing to finish our project and will have no time for anything else.

OK. Other exciting things this last week. Well, my birthday! It was good. We had district meeting in the morning, then lunch with Sister Worley (a non-member who comes to church every week) she is a very good cook, so that was nice. She is very philosophical and asked us a lot of questions about truth. We were pretty confused at some points, but made it out alright. Then we headed for the Trail Center. It was a pretty slow day, so I spent a while in the Memorial Room reading a book about the pioneers. Right at the end of the night, I got to take a really special tour. It was a lady who I have met before in the Oakview ward, her soon to be mother-in-law and soon to be stepson (who is probably in his early 20's). The lady was being married this last Saturday in the temple, but the mother-in-law is not a member of the church, so they brought her to the Trail Center to help her have a better understanding of the church and what we believe. It was great. She had lots and lots of questions and between me, the soon to be daughter-in-law, and the grandson; we were able to answer all of them. It was amazing to see her understanding grow and everything clicking into place for her. She has been around the church for a long time (two of her sons are members) but really didn't know much about it. It was fun to have such an interested audience. She was also a very nice and sincere lady. I just gained such a love and appreciation for this lady. At the end of the tour, we watched "God's Plan for Families" and talked about eternal marriage and the importance of temples. She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and I invited her to meet with the missionaries, but she declined, saying that "she was too old to change religions". I laughed and told her that you are never "too old to change." She was going to stay in the waiting room of the temple during the sealing and one of the temple presidency or their wives was going to sit with her, so I am sure she had an awesome experience there as well. I thought it was a good use of a birthday.
Another awesome thing that happened this week was that one night, we were out in our area towards the end of the night and I felt that we should go visit a less active that lived a little ways away from where we were. When we got there, we found that she lives in a locked apartment complex. We got no answer from ringing the door buzzer and had no telephone number for her. As we started back for our car, I saw a man standing outside in the cold, smoking a cigarette. We went over to talk to him and were soon joined by his girlfriend. He found out a few years ago that he has Chrone’s disease and had to stop working for a while, but began hip hop dancing on his own. He later met his girlfriend, who is a teacher at a local dance studio and asked if he could use the studio after hours to practice. As he did, the studio owner was watching him through the one way glass and eventually invited him to begin teaching classes. They were a really neat couple. We talked about how the gospel is like ballet - it creates the basis for everything else we do, just like ballet is where we learn technique that helps us in all other forms of dance. It was just a really fun conversation and they were really neat people. As we continued talking, they eventually told us that the reason that they were home was that he had just found out less than an hour before that his father has cancer, so had left the studio early that night. We read to them from the Book of Mormon and talked about how much Heavenly Father cares about them, that it was no coincidence that we were there that night. Unfortunately, they are both very busy with dance and other jobs, so they don't have much time to meet with us, but we will keep in contact.
Other awesome thing. . . Lindsay was supposed to get baptized this last week end, but we have not seen or heard from her in several weeks. We have had ward members call her, left notes on her door, etc, but have heard nothing from her. Then last night, I was sick, so Sister Davis took Sister Brown with her to our area for a couple of appointments. While they were gone, I had the feeling that Sister Brown would want to go stop by Lindsey's apartment. I prayed so hard that they would be able to see her. When they came back an hour or so later, they told me that they had seen her! They had knocked on her door and gotten no answer, then decided to try their neighbors, who have been taught a coupled of times in the past. And surprise! Lindsey was there. She said that she had gotten a new phone and didn't have our phone number anymore, so that was the reason we have not been able to contact her lately. It was so good that we finally found her. She still wants to be baptized, we just have to teach her a couple more things and figure out a date when her family would be able to come.
So, it’s been a pretty good week. Miracles have been happening.
Love you!
Sister Melly


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