Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sister Lamb Visits a Pumpkin Patch and Tries to Ignore the Numbers

Hello Family!

Love you!

I think that this last week, Heavenly Father has been reminding me that it is not all about numbers. At the beginning of my mission, I hardly cared about numbers at all, but in the time since then my perspective has totally changed. Every time I change areas, it gets worse. I just feel a pressure to keep up with the number of lessons that were being taught by the previous missionaries or I feel like someone will think that I am a bad missionary or that we are being lazy. So this week, I was being reminded that I don't need to worry about it. We were still able to teach a good number of lessons, but we also were able to do a lot of things that were great things to do, but didn't necessarily show up in numbers of lessons.

On Wednesday last week, we went to visit Tana, a less active and she gave each of us a skirt. They are so cute! I will send you a picture sometime. My camera is out of batteries today. We went home and washed them several times (they smelled like smoke) and then wore them when we went back the next day to help her clean her apartment. It took us an hour just to clean her stove and do her dishes, if that says anything. On Monday this week, we went back to help for another hour and a half and I spent the whole time vacuuming a big rug. When I started, it was so full of dog hair that it looked like something a bum wouldn't sleep on. By the end, it actually looked pretty nice. I was using one of the attachments and doing it by hand and it was hard work! I just really hope that she keep it clean :)

We have also been working with our bishop on some things, like going through the whole ward list with him over who is who and who is active and less-active and who we should go see, etc.

On Saturday, we did service at a Kiwanis pancake breakfast.

On Thursday, Sister Weston came with us to our area for a few hours. It was so much fun! First we saw an investigator named Toya and taught her about the Plan of Salvation. It was so neat to see her reaction because everything was making so much sense to her and she loved it. We set her for baptism for the middle of November. I think that she is more excited to receive the Holy Ghost than be baptized :). We also saw Sister Feuquay and read the scriptures with her. She was funny. She has started making bracelets lately and makes us a new one every time we go over there.

On Saturday, Holly, an investigator, gave us a ride to the Relief Society broadcast, which was so good because we got to talk to her on the way to and from the broadcast. Holly has been coming to church and being taught by missionaries for about 6 months and wants to believe everything we teach, but just won't let herself. She really liked the broadcast, probably more than anything we have ever done with her, and on the way back we had a perfect conversation with her about deciding to believe and humility. She was really thinking. We haven't been able to teach her since but I am expecting great changes when we see her next.

This last week, on Sunday, I got to the Trail Center after church and immediately went to relieve Sister Davis from her tour. She was right at the end, but needed to leave to go to church, so I took over her tour for her. When she walked away, the 2 year old son ran after her into the foyer because he had become very attached to her. The dad brought him back, but he didn't really want me to be there, so I just focused on the parents and we talked about families a lot- about them working together and supporting each other and about temples and being sealed together as a family (they were not members by the way). Then we went to watch "God's Plan" and I testified to them about families and about how the Book of Mormon can strengthen their family. They said that they have not gone to church in a long time, but recently have been thinking about going back. It was a great. There is absolutely no other way besides the spirit that could have helped to transition between Sister Davis and me taking them on tour and then still being open enough to accept the things that I was telling them. From my side, the tour was only about 20 minutes total, but the spirit was able to direct me to use that short amount of time to give them what they needed.

Both of the parents left the Trail Center with a copy of the Book of Mormon and they left me their address so I could send the missionaries. They didn't leave a phone number or email, so I am going to have an interesting time following up with them, but I guess I will just have to pray for them a lot and hope that they return letters.

Today, we went to Vala's pumpkin patch. It is kind of like Disneyland minus the rides. We watched pig races, shooting pumpkins out of a cannon, went through a corn maze, rode pedal bikes, sat in a huge rocking chair, and other fun things. It was great, but I am tired!

Ok love you! Bahhhh!

Sister Melly

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