Monday, November 5, 2012

Sister Lamb and Service Cross-Training


Hello Family!

Love you!

It’s been an OK week, but it got pretty good at the end. I was a kind of sick the beginning of the week, so not too much was going on, but the end - that’s the good part.

Let’s see, Wednesday was Halloween. We were at the Trail Center and it was a very slow day. A couple of the sisters were dressing up in the pioneer costumes, pretending to be everything from turtles to cowboys and indians. They even found a rope and were roping other sisters as they came in. It was quite a sight. That night, we were all grounded, so we had dinner with the senior couples and made a Christmas craft, and then watched the Errand of Angels. Its funny, I used to hate all Mormon movies because I thought they were so cheesy and weird, but after being on a mission, I thought it was pretty funny and very true. I have definitely changed! Ha-ha!

We had a very revelatory district meeting this week. We were talking about revelation and totally got off topic but started talking about cross training in sports and how the best runners are ones that train not just by running but also do other exercises like swimming and weight lifting. Then we were comparing it to missionary work and how the best missionaries are ones that use all methods of missionary work. The same thing applies to life. When we balance all aspects, we are better able to be spiritually in tune. We are our best selves when spiritual, physical, and mental capacities are all balanced.

On Saturday, we had an amazing experience! We have been working on following up with members who brought friends to the Gladys Night concert so that we can deliver packets to them. One couple in our ward, the Cornishs, had brought a neighbor with them who had absolutely loved it, but had forgotten to turn in her referral card. Last Sunday, we were able to take a packet to her. She invited us right in and we taught her about the Restoration and Book of Mormon. She was excited to learn and readily accepted our invitation to read from the Book of Mormon and to continue meeting with us. As we were leaving, we offered to help with some yard work. At first, she was very surprised that we were willing to help, but when she finally accepted, we were able to go back this last Saturday (just a few days ago) and help do some yard work, along with Brother Cornish. We had a great time and were able to teach her again afterwards.

After we were done, we decided to see if there were any other people in the neighborhood that would accept our service. Brother Cornish suggested a few homes and we started out. We were able to rake leaves for a young family and talk to them a little bit about missionary work, etc. We will be going back soon to follow up with them. We then went to one of the homes that Brother Cornish had suggested - a woman by the name of Renee that the Cornishs have been serving and fellowshipping and inviting to things for the 11 years they have lived in their home. She was thrilled with our offer to rake her leaves, which deeply covered her lawn. As we started, she went to go buy leaf bags and brought us a sandwich. She invited us into her home to eat and we began talking. The conversation naturally turned to missionary work, then what makes our church unique, then to the apostasy and the restoration. As we taught, she was very excited about the things we shared and made a promise to us that she would read the entire Book of Mormon, cover to cover. It was an exciting experience. It really developed my testimony of what it says in Preach My Gospel, that serving others leads naturally into sharing the gospel. From things that Renee said, I know that she would not have listened to our message had we simply showed up on her doorstep to invite her to learn. Service was the key that opened the door for us to be able to teach her.

Afterwards, the excitement only continued. We explained what had happened to Brother Cornish, who was absolutely thrilled and stunned. We were able to accomplish in just a few hours what he had been working on for 11 years! We reminded him that he had been doing the preparing and that we were only the reapers of the seeds he had sown. It made it so much more exciting being able to share the success with the Cornishs, who have a deep personal investment in her learning and progress. The next day at church, the Cornishs were eagerly sharing the story at every opportunity and many were able to hear of our successes. I have great hopes that this will be only the beginning of a new excitement for missionary work in the West Maple Ward. It also got me really excited about working with members. Exciting things are happening every day!

So, in the end, it was a really good week! I hope that you had a really good week too!

Love you!

Sister Melly


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