Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sister Melly Battles Cold - Germs and Cooler Weather in the Cornfield

Hello family!

Love you!

Now I am a little confused. I am guessing that this means that Ryan is with you in Minnesota. For some reason I had thought he was not. But, I hope that you are having a wonderful time in Minnesota! I hope that the weather has not cooled down there as much as it has here, but from what I heard so far, it sounds like we do things a lot the same weather wise. I can't help but laugh at myself talking about the weather.

Anyways, this last week has been not too exciting. Last Tuesday (p-day) when I woke up, I was feeling a little like I had a sore throat and by the next day, I was feeling pretty sick. So I spent most of Wednesday in bed at the Trail Center and Sister Brown went with one of the other sisters to our area. That right there is one reason that I am very grateful for the trail center. It makes it much easier for us to take care of ourselves when we are sick because it is usually pretty easy to just borrow someone for the evening. Otherwise, I probably would have just gone. Thursday morning, I was feeling worse, so we had district meeting over the phone while sitting in our living room, which was actually pretty nice. It was interesting because I was not feeling good at all, so I went to sleep about an hour before district meeting and then woke up right as it was starting and thought that I was feeling fine. As soon as I stood up, I was not feeling that great again, but it was enough to get me out to the living room so that I could listen in to district meeting, which was on our purpose. We talked about how the more we are able to understand and use the atonement, the greater our desire to share the gospel will be. That is why recent converts tot he church are more excited to share the gospel, because they have recently felt the powerful effects of the atonement in their lives.

Sister Brown went out again that evening with another sister. It funny, sometimes seeing someone else being sick and getting to sleep can make a missionary jealous because we are always tired, but really being sick is not as much fun as it looks like.

By Friday, I was feeling mostly better, which was good because it was temple day! Hooray for the temple! Sister Brown and Sister Coats and I did initiatory and then got to sit in the Celestial Room for about a half an hour before the other missionaries were done. When we walked in, it was just the three of us in there for a minute and it was a neat feeling because as we walked in, whispering to each other about what we had learned today, it really felt like we were walking into Heavenly Father's living room. It just at home, which is neat to think that we could feel at home in a place that is so fancy looking. :)

On Thursday, Sister Kusnerik (Kate) who was my trainer, moved back to Omaha and was staying with the Watsons for a few days. It was so weird to see her but she is so excited to help with the missionary work. She will be a good resource to have, especially because she wants to help out in West Maple because that was one of the areas she served in (for something like 9 months!). So that will be nice, although I will admit that I am still a little bit intimidated by her. I am sure that will dissipate once she comes on a few team ups with us.

So, I am doing just great! 99% not sick anymore. And I hope that you are doing great too!

Love you!

Sister Melly

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