Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sister Melly and the Cornfield of Dreams

Dear Family,

Love you! As always.

If I thought that the last couple of weeks I have been doing things that I didn't expect to do as a missionary, this week may be the weirdest of all. This week, we went to a baseball game! It was Mormon family night and the Omaha Storm Chasers were playing the SL Bees, so they invited the missionaries to sing the national anthem. Apparently, this is something that they do all over the country when the Bees are playing. I wasn't part of the singing (there was a group of 6 sisters and 6 elders who sang) but Sister Belka was, so I got to go along. We also had a booth up in the concourse of the stadium, so I spent the first half of the game talking to people and inviting them to the Trail Center, then we switched with some of the other sisters and got to go watch part of the game. It was so weird. We were shocked that President would let us do it, but there we were in the middle of all the senior couples. We didn't do much cheering (have to stay neutral :)) but in my heart I was cheering for the Bees.

The Bees lost. Too bad. Also, it was very, very windy. So that was fun trying to keep all of our things from blowing away. We just duct taped it all to the table

Think that that is all I have to say about the baseball game. It’s all very disconnected so I will just move on.

This last week, we had 12 hours in our area! But, thanks to many miracles from Heavenly Father, we were able to teach 11 lessons in those twelve hours! It is pretty crazy going from tracting and struggling to find people to teach and having lots of time to have not much time and having more people to visit than we have time for.

We met a family not too long ago, the neighbor of a member of the ward, Sister Blecha. She is vey good friends with her neighbors, the Loftus Family. They have met with the missionaries before, but don't remember much of what they taught tem. We taught them on Monday. The kids (14 year old Madison and 12 year old Michael) are so funny and love to learn and want to be baptized, but the parents are a little more hesitant. The dad, Tom, wasn't home when we taught them on Monday, but when we went back on Friday, he was there and said that he is interested in hearing what his family is learning, so it looks like we will be teaching them all as a family! As long as we can find a time when they will all be home! They are such a great family and so ready for and needing of the Gospel. They have even been to church before several times and they love it! They are so great. I just love them. And I am not the type of person to say that very often.

This week, we also got some really neat opportunities to hear from some of our leaders. Wednesday, Thurs, and Fri, President Kunz, Sister Kunz, and the assistants gave teleconference trainings on having effective studies and planning. The sisters were invited to come listen in person from the Trail Center, so that was a lot of fun to be there. Then, afterwards, we had training with Melanie (weird) from Salt Lake. She is over all of the visitor centers/ historic sites. We talked a lot about focusing on the visitors and tailoring what we talk about to their needs. Although we teach about the history, the real focus is helping people come unto Christ, the same as our missionary purpose.

Other than that, we have just been doing a lot of teaching, a lot of tours in the Trail Center, not a lot of studies (which makes us so extremely grateful when we are able to have time for them) and the days just slip right on by. I can't believe that it is already June!

Well, I don't know where my time has gone but it has as usual!

Love you,
Sister Melly

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