Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sister Melanie Sews up a Storm and Plants and Nurtures in the Cornfield

Sister Seamstress

Dear Family,

Well, this week has been another different week to say the least. it makes me wonder sometimes if all of the different things I end up doing sometimes are a result of serving in the Visitor's Center or if this is a normal thing, but sometimes it seems like we are doing more. Its not really that we are doing non-missionary things, but just things that I didn't really expect to be doing as a missionary (within reason). An example was the parade last week. Never thought I would be doing that one, but we were absolutely fulfilling our purpose by doing it. We were able to find lots of great people to teach out of it (not in our area specifically, but in the mission in general). Getting to do all of these different things definitely makes it more interesting and now that it is summer, I am sure that there will be lots more events going on and various things to be involved in. The only problem is that we end up not having a lot of time in our area. This next week (between today and Sunday) we have a grand total of about 12 hours in our area planned, and by the end of the week, that number will probably be smaller. We are accomplishing a lot in each week, however our numbers are not really showing it.

I forgot to explain something last week in my letter. On Tuesday, before I emailed you, we had the Watson Wagon #2 (the first one was going to the Kanesville Tabernacle) and went to Boy's Town for a tour. Boy's Town is in the Oakview area, so I am sure that I have mentioned it before, but basically what it is is its own town of about 900 acres where boys and girls between 10 and 18 go to learn how to turn their lives around. Driving around the campus, you would never guess that some of the kids are "bad kids". It was begun by a man named Father Flanagan in the early 1900’s who took in young orphans and boys who would have otherwise gone into the jail system. It’s a pretty cool place. They do some really good things. They basically are teaching these kids how to use the Atonement to change their lives. So, that is what the pictures were from last week.

Wednesday, we had Zone Conference. Sister and President Kunz trained us on repentance and true conversion, making sure that our investigators understand how to repent and have truly repented of their sins before baptism and that they are converted to the Gospel before they join the church. They are such great people. They will leave at the end of next month and it will be sad to see them go, but President Kunz is already preparing us for it to happen. We told us that the minute President Weston arrives our loyalty should instantaneously switch to him. I can't imagine that it is easy for the Kunz's to be preparing to leave, and I am sure that it doesn't make it any easier for them to have to prepare us for it.

On Thursday, we had a movie night at the church. We watched The Testaments. We set it all up and invited our investigators and recent converts and some ward members, borrowed a projector from someone in the ward, and popped popcorn. It was fun! None of our investigators were able to come, but almost all of our recent converts were there, and we had a good time! It was definately worth it. None of them had seen it before and it was really powerful to watch the Savior visiting the American Continent and pondering what it will be like when we meet him one day.

Friday was another interesting day. Sister Belka was in meetings all day long, so I got to help out Sister Wright all day. She is working on several quilts for Elder Watson that he is going to donate to a quilt auction to represent the Trail Center. She has a lot of work to do, so we decided it would be a good use of time for me to help her! The Trail Center has a sewing machine, so I set up shop in the basement and sewed away all day, happy as a clam. You can see from the pictures what the quilt will look like eventually. I was working on sewing together little patches that will make up the border around the outside of the quilt and around the larger squares that she is making. I love to sew! I loved it so much that I didn't want to stop, so I sewed straight from 10 am to about 6 pm without stopping at all, until they called me upstairs to help with some tours that were coming in. Then I went back and sewed some more.

In our area this week, we have been doing a lot of finding. We were able to find several great new investigators, as well as some good potentials. We even found a family that has been taught before, has neighbors that they are good friends with that are members of our wards, have copies of the Book of Mormon, have been to church many times and love it, etc. They are so great! The only problem is that the husband is not supportive, so we need to figure out how to get him on board and we will be set! (Or rather they will be set). Ha ha.

Well, that's about it for this week, other than to say I love you! I hope you are having a great time in Hawaii!

Love, Sister Melly

The Squares

The pattern

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