Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sister Lamb gets her First Transfer and Moves One Row Down

Dear Family,

Love you!

This week has been another very busy one. On Wednesday morning, we got our calls for transfers. It was quite a relief when we finally got them around 11 because before then, I was having a hard time focusing on anything.  All I could think about was what was going to happen. By that point, I was trying to convince myself that I was going to stay in Oakview, even though I knew that that was not much of a possibility. But, the results are: I was transferred to Millard, serving with Sister Belka. So, I had to move all the way to the apartment downstairs. We didn't even bother going to transfer point because Sister Graham, who was serving in Millard with Sister Belka before, moved up to Oakview. So we switched Lamb for Graham. Sister Belka is still having a hard time getting the right name. Ha ha. The Millard Ward is out in Southwestern Omaha, just a few miles south of where the Oakview Ward is. It is a much bigger ward and there are lots of good things going on there right now. Sister Belka is also a Trail Center Leader, so we will be spending more time in the TC this transfer.

So, Millard. It’s funny that I am serving there because my trainer, Sister Kusnerik, began her mission there, then went to West Maple, then Millard. So who knows, maybe after a few months in Millard I will go to West Maple and hit all the same wards that she was in! I guess we will see what happens.

One of the first people that I met in Millard was a woman named Katie and her two daughters, Lindsey (who turns 12 today) and Samantha (9). They are getting baptized on Saturday. They are a neat little family and have really been turning their lives around in the last year. They are great. We have seen them just about every day since I got here and will continue seeing them everyday until Saturday, so we are getting to know each other quite well. Today, we are going over to celebrate Lindsey's birthday and go over the baptismal interview questions. On Sunday, when we saw them, we told them about the interview and said that we would go over the questions after we taught them about a commandment. At the end of the lesson, we needed go, but had yet gone over the baptismal interview questions. Sam got really worried and said "what about those questions! You said that you were going to tell us what the questions are!" It was so cute, but also really good to see that they are taking this seriously. So we gave them the list of questions and they were relieved to see that there were not any math problems included.

Also in the Millard Ward, I was talking to one of the ward members-Sister Bates- and we figured out that she is Michelle Strong's sister! She said that Michelle was just here a couple of weeks ago. Oh, how the world is so small. Sister Bates is coming with us tonight to see Katie and the girls and is bringing cake and ice cream for Lindsey's birthday!

Let's see, what else. . . A lot of our time this last week has been eaten up by Trail Center Leader responsibilities.  But after this week, things should be a little more normal (I hope!)

Let's see. . . .This week has gone by so quickly. I feel like we have been really busy, but at the same time I am not sure with what.

On Sunday, there was a musical fireside thing at the Trail Center. After it was over, people were coming upstairs and amid the groups of people, one group of four people asked if they could take a tour and then headed into the gallery before we could say anything. I chased after them and took them on tour. A few minutes into the tour, I saw Sister Bown sneak up behind the group and throw me a bunch of thumps ups and mouthing "Yes! Yes! I love you!" I later found out that they were  three of her investigators (that they have taught once) and a ward member who had brought them to the fireside. Throughout the tour, they were absolutely stunned by everything. Everything that I said came straight from the Spirit and I said a lot of things that I have never said or thought about before. The whole thing felt too natural, like a dream. In the Memorial Room, the first thing that the woman said was to ask what the temple was. I explained it to her and she stood, looking out at it for a little while and then said. "I feel something filling me and I feel drawn to the temple." I explained to her that it was the Holy Ghost that she was feeling and she was absolutely in awe. The rest of the tour was equally awesome, so filled with the spirit. It was awesome! I was so glad that I had chased them down to give them a tour.

Well I love you!  Hope you are all doing great!

Sister Lamb

This picture was captured from Sister Lamb's Mission Mom's Blog
Her new companion is one of the Sisters on the left.
These are the missionaries that arrived in Omaha one transfer before Sister Melly

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