Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sister Lamb Feels Forgotten and Gets Sheared

Sister Melly actually called this a HAIR-RAISING day but I call it her Spring Shearing
(From Sister Lamb's mom - I did not forget to write an email to Sister Melly - I actually wrote her three but they were clogged up in our email out box and did not send. I lost my motherhood award for the week.)

Dear Family,

Love you!

I hope that I don't have an email from Mom this week because the week has gone by so quickly that you forgot that it was Tuesday already. This week has gone by quickly for me; in fact the last couple of weeks and the last month have gone by very quickly. We were looking back at our records of people we met recently and need to go back and check up on and I was shocked when I started looking at when we met them. There were some of them that we met over a month ago and have not been able to go back to see them yet. It is amazing how sometimes it feels like we are really having to search for things to do (other than tracting) but then we realize that there are a lot of things that we need to do that we have not been able to get done yet. (It is not lack of trying, but not being able to be there at a good time).And now I feel like I need to justify something about why it has been so long. Anyway, moving on.

I don't know much what to say about this last week. I am trying to steal ideas off of Sister Bergeson, but she turned her computer screen away from me so that I cannot see what she is writing. I hope that doesn't mean that she is writing anything that she doesn't want me to see . . . well I guess that it what it means, but not so much in a hiding something type of way as a I feel awkward type of way, if that makes sense. It sounds like something I would do. This is probably why right after she did it, I did it too.

This last week, we have been focusing a lot on visiting with members and encouraging them to do missionary work and also visiting less-actives. As we visited with the members, they were very excited to tell us about the friends and neighbors that they are working on inviting to learn more about the Church; in fact they did so without us asking anything. It was neat to be able to spend more time sharing the gospel with the members this week because not only did we get to have lots of fun, spirit-filled lessons with them, but it also made me a little more excited about missionary work as we talked about what they have been doing. I go through phases with the Oak View Ward (yes, it is two words). Sometimes I love it and I am excited to help strengthen and build the ward and sometimes I feel like I am ready for a change. So, we will see what happens come tomorrow (transfer calls!) Sister Bergeson and I are trying to figure out an excuse to be at the Trail Center in the morning when President Kunz will be there so that we can find out what our new assignments will be a few hours earlier than we would if we waited until we get a call from our District Leader. It shouldn't be too hard.

On Sunday night, we stopped by the home of a less-active in the ward. She had a headache and told us to come back the next night, Monday. When we got there, she was the only one home of a normally packed full house of people. Dad had sent me a copy of his most recent High Council talk, one about Job and dealing with trials. After I read it, I knew that it was exactly what she needed. So, we shared it with her, talking about the many trials we have in life and how we choose to let them affect us. In the story of Job, his situation finally changes when Job prays for his friends. When he does this, Heavenly Father returns all of his losses to him two-fold. Most especially, there was a question from the talk "Do your trials make you bitter or do they make you better?” She loved it and just kept agreeing with what we said, which surprised me a little because it seemed kind of bold for sharing in a one-on-one situation. And suddenly, she was telling us everything that she was feeling lately. Things that she wasn't telling anyone else. The spirit just cracked her right open like an egg. She apologized several times for crying and for unloading all of this on us, but I know that it was the Spirit that prompting her to tell us. It was amazing. And as we testified and shared experience from our own lives there was just this connection of trust building and building. I don't feel like I have ever understood a person so well before. For a long time, I hadn't gotten it. I tended to think on the side of "what are we going to do with her?" It almost felt beyond hope. But suddenly, everything clicked into place for me. I could see exactly where she was coming from. I could understand why I have seen her act the way that she does. And I felt a great love for her. I have felt that way a few times before with people, that great feeling of charity for them, but I never expected that I would feel it with her. It was a really good experience. By the end, she committed herself to really praying and explaining it all to the Lord and then letting it go. Right before we left, one of her sons and his girlfriend arrived home. The girlfriend is Catholic and had lots and lots of questions about everything in the church. We are going back in the next few days to see them all and answer a lot of her questions. We are excited! There are lots of good things starting to happen in this home and I am already starting to notice that the home feels a little different that the first time that we met them.

Well, that’s all the time we’ve got for this week folks! I love you! I hope that you re having a great week!


Sister Melly

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