Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sister Melly Battling Bugs, Moving Mania and Celebrating 366

Dear Family,

Love you!

This last week has been pretty crazy. It is kind of a stressful experience going from an area where you know everything and everyone and what is going on and where things are, to not knowing anything at all. The last week has kind of been like a dream. On top of that, I really have not had much time to be able to put away all of my stuff in our apartment, so I feel even more like a mess. I got a lot done during lunch time yesterday and hopefully I can get the rest in it place this afternoon. Right before I first moved in, I got a whole lot of bug bites on my legs that we thought were bedbugs, so we washed all of my clothes and did a whole bunch of stuff to get rid of the bedbugs, but we later decided that it was not bedbugs but that it was chiggers or mosquitoes. But at least all my clothes are clean! They itched really badly for a while but now they are just a bunch of little scabs on my legs. There are probably about 20 or them. Maybe more.

We are living with Sister Proctor and Sister Arnold. We don’t see each other too often though. We get home at night, plan for the next day, get ready for bed then may have a few minutes left to talk about our days. Last night I decided to dye my eyebrow so everyone joined in and we all looked pretty funny. In the mornings, Sister Brown and I go running while the others go to the Trail Center to exercise. Then we study while they get ready and we get ready while they study then one of us is usually out the door. Yesterday, we were all there for companion study at the same time, so we decided to sing a hymn together. It was fun!

The work in West Maple is different from Millard. It always amazes me how different areas of one place can be, even if they are just a few miles away from each other. Our area is bigger- probably about 15 square miles, but at least lately, the missionaries have been spending all of their time in about 1 square mile of it. This area has a lot of apartment complexes, which are usually good places to find people. The biggest problem is not that people don't want to talk to us; it is that even those who really want to learn are too busy to have time for us to come teach them.

At the same time that I came into the area, we also got a set of elders in West Maple. Before, it was just sisters, so we have been trying to help them get settled and give them some of our investigators to teach. We have one man, Ryan, who is set for baptism in two weeks, but still has a lot to learn before then. It seems like that is the typical way of things - a rush to the finish line. I have not even met him yet, which is a little scary, and we will probably have the elders finish teaching him since they have more time than we do. We are also teaching Holly, who is set to be baptized in October. She really wants to learn and believe the things that we are teaching her, but is really struggling because she just cannot trust people or even herself really. She has very little self confidence and is just miserable. On Saturday, we watched "Your Happily Ever After" with her - a talk from President Uchdorf from YW conference last year I think. I think we really made some progress with her in the lesson. I read something a little while a go that confidence comes from keeping the commandments because when we are obedient, we feel God's love for us. Hopefully we can use that to help her build some confidence in herself and recognize that she really is a child of God!

We have been teaching a lot this week and getting a lot done. On Friday, we helped a less active and her sister move. The less active was just moving her stuff from one apartment to another in the same complex. Her sister was moving from Alabama, so we got to drive out to Bennington (which is about 5 miles outside of our area through cornfields and such) and got her stuff, then moved it into he apartment as well. Luckily, we had two sets of elders there to help and we got quite a workout from all of the moving, but it was fun!

On Friday, it was also my year mark of going in to the MTC, se we went to dinner with our roommates at Village Inn.

It was a good week, although crazy!

Love you!

Sister Melly

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