Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sister Lamb's Mission Comes Full (Crop) Circle with the Lasts


Sorry to leave you hanging, but I am in no mood to email today. I feel like I could type at a million miles an hour, but have nothing to say. I will see you soon enough.

One cool miracle that happened this last week was that Sister Young and Madison, from the Oak View ward came into the Trail Center. Madison's parents are both members, but the church is not in either of their good favors. I taught her a couple of times when I was first in Oak View, but then we could not get a hold of them for a very long time, so we never saw Madison again. I have heard little bits and pieces about her over time. Lately, the Oak View elders have been teaching her and she has been interested in being baptized. Her parents said they would allow her to be baptized, but want to make sure that she knows what she is getting into before she does anything, which means that they are bringing up a lot of arguments of things that drove them away from the church. Then on Wednesday of last week, the Young Women of the ward were going to do baptisms at the temple, so Madison came along and she and Sister Young came over to the Trail Center while they were there. We just headed straight for the Memorial Room and sat down and I was able to answer some of her questions, which included everything from if we should do homework on Sundays to if the Bible should be taken literally to why missionaries seem a little pushy at times. It was amazing because a lot of the time, I had no idea how to answer her questions, but just started talking and eventually made it to something that sounded like a pretty good answer. I was just so glad that I was in the right place at the right time to be able to see her. It was kind of a cool way to bring my mission full circle. When they left, Madison seemed content with the answers that I had given and just seemed happy.

Other than that, it seems like I have just been counting down a bunch of lasts. Last Saturday morning training. Last Sunday at church. Last district meeting. Last p-day. Last shift at the Trail Center. Last evening in our area. Last p-day. Last Last last last. I won't lie, its been pretty stressful.

Well, I will see you soon!

Love, Sister Melly

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