Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sister Lamb Resists Being Normal and Learns Cornhusker Skills

Hello Family!

Love you!

We are emailing today because a telephone pole by the Trail Center was knocked over early on Tuesday morning, and hit the Cox cable box, so there has been no internet access since then. So, for the first time, I am emailing you from a public library. Ha-ha. We had p-day yesterday, but ended an hour early in hopes that we could email at the TC today, but still no internet, so here we are today.

This last week has gone by in a blur. I think the biggest contributing factor to that is that I was sick for most of last week. It was pretty lame, but when I think through the week, it makes everything blend together because there was no change or variety of things going on. Just sleeping and eating and reading and whatever.

However, I think that all of this was just part of Heavenly Father's big plan. Sister Anderson was able to go on exchanges with some of the other sisters to our area, so the work was still progressing and great things were happening. I think it was the perfect opportunity for Sister Anderson to realize that she doesn't need me and that she is doing just fine on her own. We (well they- Sister Anderson and whoever was her companion at the time.) had lots of lessons, and more importantly, it seems that many of the people that we are teaching are really progressing.

Yesterday, we went shopping with some of the other sisters at an outdoor mall- like the Gateway. I would not bring myself to buy anything. All I could keep thinking was "I don't want to do this." I don't want to be a normal person and wear normal clothes and do normal things. I just don't want to.” Part of the other problem was that I was really hungry and grouchy, so that may have played into it.

In other news, I learned how to throw and catch a football this morning. Sister Arnold taught me and a few of us were playing catch outside during exercise time this morning. That makes it sound like we are some kind of inmates, having our exercise time. Anyways, it was pretty nice outside. Today, I have not even been wearing a coat! It’s been wonderful. Hopeful this nice weather holds out until at least next Saturday morning.

Love you!

Sister Melly

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