Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sister Melanie's Miracles, Madison and More West Maple

Hello family!

Love you!

On Sunday, I had just gotten back from church and was in the study room at the Trail Center when the Nordhoffs came into the Trail Center with the picture of baby Madison. I had my skirt that has big pockets in it, so I carried it around in my pocket all day and pulled it out every once in a while. She is so cute! She does not look like a new baby though. I do have to say though, belly buttons before they are belly buttons are gross.

Wow! I have so much to say this week. So many miracles have been happening!

When we were out in our area on Saturday, we lost our phone. We had been all over the place that day and it could have been in many different places. We went back and checked at the homes that we had had lessons at, thinking maybe it had fallen out of a pocket, but had no luck. We stopped and prayed several times to know what to do, but were not feeling particularly inspired to go back and check any of the areas where we had been tracting, so we continued on with our plans in faith that Heavenly Father would help us find the phone. Sometime on Sunday, our bishop got a call from a man who had found the phone. He said that he would bring it to the Trail Center soon. We haven't heard any more yet, but we have faith that there is a reason that we lost the phone and that this good Samaritan will be bringing it to the Trail Center. We will see what unfolds. . .

On paper, Saturday does not look like a very good day. In addition to losing the phone, we went to contact a couple of referrals. The first denied that she had requested anything and was not too happy to see us. The second had requested a DVD at the Gingerberad Festival. We had left in on her doorstep before Christmas and went back to check up with her. She returned the DVD, unopened, and told us that she didn't want it anymore. Eventually, we were able to teach 3 lessons that day and find a couple of new investigators, but the beginning of the day wasn't looking to promising. Through all of this, we were able to keep our hopes up. It really wasn't that important even if rejection isn't very fun.
Beyond lost and found phones, we have been able to teach a lot of lessons lately. There were two nights that really taught me about the power of faith and desire. One night, I was feeling tired and not very hopeful about the work. I mainly just wanted to get the couple of hours left before 9 over with so we could return home. I had the attitude of "What can we do to use up this time?" instead of "What does the Lord need us to accomplish with this time?". At the end of the night, we had very little to show for our efforts. A few days later, we had a very similar looking night - a few hours in our area with no scheduled appointments. The difference though, was my attitude. This time, I actually had faith that we would be able to accomplish what we had planned. My faith changed my actions and the way that I approached the work and we were able to be successful. There is great power in believing that you can do something, especially with the Lord's help.

Wow. I can't believe that it is time for transfers again already. I go back and forth thinking that this transfer is going to go faster than any before and then thinking that it is going to take forever. With each transfer, it gets harder and harder to see the sisters leave, especially this bunch, with 2 that I have been companions with as well as Sister Proctor. It is especially odd because these are the sisters that I have felt close to. We were at the beginning of our missions together, we were learning and experiencing a lot of the things for the first time together and now we are all at the end. its kind of surreal, but then reality hits for a few moments and I feel excited for the future, but also nervous to leave behind something so good.

We only spent two days in the Trail Center this last week, and although I expected it to be slower with the Christmas season drawing to a close, it was actually pretty busy.

Well, I wish I had time to write more, but time is running short. We had to take part of p-day today and will finsih the rest tomorrow, but if you have anything more to say, I will check again for a few minutes tomorrow.

Love yoU!

Sister Melly


P.S. on January 2

No pictures (more of her niece). No phone. But Sister Anderson and I are staying together in West Maple.
Love you!

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