Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to the Watson's and Admitting to the Wisdom of Sister Kusnerik

Hi Family!

Love you!
I can't believe that another week has already gone by.
This week, Elder and Sister Watson are going home and the Cleverlys are coming.
On Sunday, Elder and Sister Watson gave their farewell talks in the Conestoga Branch- where they usually attend church, although I found out that they don't have an assigned ward- they are just supposed to rove around between wards. We, the Fairview sisters, and the Millard sisters sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" and "The Olive Tree". Elder Watson admitted that it was a stupid thing to do because he was crying the whole time, but it was fun to get to be there. There was probably more missionaries there than branch members between the 6 sisters, the Watsons, 2 other senior couples that are assigned there, the elders who serve there, and another set that Elder Watson had gotten permission to come.
I had a really great idea a couple of weeks ago that all of the sisters and the Watsons go to a temple session together before the Watsons leave. I remember a couple of years ago when I was in the Nauvoo Temple with all of the Young Ambassadors, doing baptisms, and the spirit was so strong and it was an awesome experience. How much more awesome would it be with a bunch of missionaries! The original thought was to go to the 6 am session at the temple, but there are too many of us to fit along with the normal patrons, so the temple president, President Schoof, set up a special session for us at 7:15 on Friday morning. Of course, we also had to get permission from President Weston, which turned out to be not too much of a problem. The Watsons still don't know about any of this so don't tell! I don't know how you would. So the plan is that the Westons are inviting the Watsons to go to the temple session with them and when they walk into the instruction room, all the sisters will all be sitting there, waiting. Then, when we get into the celestial room, the senior couples will join us. Elder Watson is bound to cry his eyes out, but I think that it will be an experience that we will all remember for a long time. It’s going to be great!
Then on Saturday, they will fly home.
This last week, we had exchanges with the Council Bluffs Sisters. I was in Council Bluffs with Sister Jensen. We were both a little nervous about this because Sister Jensen has only been in Omaha for a week, but the day went extremely well! Even though all of our appointments fell through, we were able to teach 4 lessons, find several promising potential investigators, and a new part-member family for them to teach. Sister Jensen is doing amazingly well for only being here a week. I think that what all new missionaries need is just a lot of love and encouragement. As Sister Kusnerik used to always say "There is no growing in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growing zone!" I always hated it when she said that, but it is true.

Love you! See you in a month!

Sister Melly

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