Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sister Melly Shares Wealth with the Elders

Dear family,

I don’t feel like writing a letter today. I just feel like taking a nap. I was lying on the floor of our apartment for a little bit a while ago and I think my brain fell asleep even if my body did not. But, I have a lot to tell you about this week, so I had better get started.

So Thursday was day one of having the elders in our area. We love it! We met with them on Thursday to fill them in on everything that is going on and to give them some of our contacts and investigators for them to visit. I think that they were in heaven. Elder Miller, who has been out 22 months (sometimes I feel like an oldie in the mission until I hear someone say something like that. Then I don’t feel so old any more.) He kept laughing the whole time and saying that he had never been treated like this. We just handed him a list of great potentials and less-actives to visit and investigators, ward lists, everything they would need to get started. Brother Jensen’s wife made them pancakes and we talked about how everything works in the ward. He was so shocked. I am very grateful for the great support we have from the ward and the many miracles that we see, but it just made me realize how lucky the sisters are in this mission. We are all centered right around Omaha, where the most teaching and finding is done and where there is better support. I don’t know if the success is because of the sisters or if the sisters are here because of the success, but something I have realized this last week is that the reason for why things happen is not as important as what we choose to do with what happens. I have long been wondering why I am always paired with Trail Center leaders. I finally realized that it doesn't matter at all. Even if I could figure it out, the knowledge wouldn’t be getting me anywhere. What is most important is for me to look for the unique opportunities that are available because of being with a Trail Center leader and then make the most of them. As I have been doing that this last week, I have been feeling a lot more satisfied with the work that I am doing.

Let see, other great things this week. On Friday, I was with Sister Rhoades (Sister Proctor, Trail Center leader #2's companion) in the Millard area. We went to go check on some old potentials at a couple of different apartment buildings that are fairly close to each other. As we were walking in between the two buildings, we ran into a younger girl probably about 14, named Aliyah who was walking to a gas station to buy some candy for her little sister. She wasn't super interested in what we were saying, but told us to go meet her mom, because she "loves that kind of stuff". We went and knocked on her door and she said that she would like to talk to us, but was really busy cleaning her house and just didn't have time at the moment. However, another one of her daughters- Rainee, begged her mom to let us in. so she did. As we talked to Shawna, the mom, Rainee went and got her bible and reading glasses and sat next to us and listened. After a while, Aliyah came back and listened for a minute and then we wrapped everything up and headed to another appointment. 1/2 an hour later, we got a text from Shawna. She said that Aliyah was really comfortable with us and wants to join our church. . . So that's great! We will let. her :)

Now for an update on Erica. She is the recently adopted daughter of the Dallon family. When we met her for the first time, we set her for baptism for the 23rd of this month. Before we saw her the second time, Brother Dallon called us and asked if she could be baptized instead on the 16th because of some logistical issues on the 23rd. So, surprise! We have a baptism on Saturday. We taught her last Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, we will teach her tomorrow and on Thursday, then she will have her interview on Thursday and yeah. . . baptism, on Saturday. It is/ has been quite a whirlwind, especially because she doesn't speak English, so we have to have an interpreter when we teach her. But, hey! I am learning some Spanish!

There are just too many good things going on to explain. Even with the Elders, we still feel a little overwhelmed with all the people we are teaching! I think that I have finally adjusted from being in Oakview to now, so hopefully it just all keeps on coming!

Love you! Have a good week and Happy Father's Day!

Love, Sister Melly

My release date is February 14, so just about 8 months from today! I know I told Katie that, but I guess she didn't tell you :) We actually only end up serving about 17 1/2 months because of the way that transfers line up. Most full proselyte sisters go home a few weeks after their 18 month mark, but because of the Trail Center and being in the MTC an extra week, they send us home earlier.

I haven't had time to work on the blanket yet, but hopefully I will soon. I am still not sure if I really know what I am doing, since I am not much of a quilter. The other quilt is almost done. I think it just has the binding left to do. Sister Wright showed it to me last night.

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