Monday, December 26, 2011

Sister Melly's Post Christmas Posting

Dearest Family,

Not much to say today. I guess I did just see you last night! Not much has happened this last week- just sent sister K off to home and then a couple days running around with Sister Wilson in Elmwood and then a couple days of taking care of my companion. Not much to report. Sister Askren received news last night that a man that she reactivated and whose wife she taught and was baptized soon after she left the area died of lung cancer and his funeral is tomorrow in Lincoln, so President gave us permission to go but that means that we have to cut three hours off of our p-day, so we are a little more rushed than usual. This week should be a better week. Sister Askren is almost better which means that we should be able to get out and do some real missionary work soon, which is exciting.
To send pictures, it would probably be easiest for me if you print them out and send them. I did the puzzle on a p-day (I wanted to do the whole thing, but decided I would get way too stressed about it because I didn't have a whole lot of time, as usual) and did the book while we were doing chat between chats and while we were waiting for the person to respond.
Hope you are having a great day! Love you! Thanks again for the Christmas presents. Love you again!
Sister Melly

Message from Sister Melly’s mom: We got to Skype with Sister Melly last night. She looks great and is happy. Her new companion, Sister Askren has two transfers left so Sister Melanie is planning on “killing” her too – I guess that means being her last companion and sending her home.  They are assigned to the Trail Center and Sister Lamb’s Oakview Ward.

They attended the Oakview Ward yesterday and then a Christmas dinner and then a party with the Trail Center Sister Missionaries and Senior Couples and then Skyped with us at 7:30 MST for 40 minutes. She told us that she got to talk to us one month after she entered the MTC (on her way to Omaha), then she talked to us three months later  (last night) and then we will hear from her in five months at Mother’s day and then seven months after that – next Christmas. We all see the 1-3-5-7 as a lucky pattern. All is well in the Corn (stubble) Field, so good to see her!

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