Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sister Lamb answers more questions

I may have already answered these questions or you may have figured out the answers, but I will answer them anyway.

We cook for ourselves all the time. President Kunz has asked us not to have dinners with members so we can proselytize from 5-9, but last Sunday several people offered to take us out to lunch once a week or once a month, so that is awesome!

We live down a very steep hill and about a block away from the Trail Center.

They gave us debit cards that we use to buy food and stuff.

The number of visitors in the Trail Center varies every day. Sometimes no one comes for over an hour. Other times we have to call in extra people to help take tours. When we are not giving tours, we are studying history from packets they gave us or reading scriptures or look for pioneer stories or just talking. I have not asked about knitting because right now I really don’t have time, but it sounds like it would be OK.

For exercise we go running or do workout videos at the Trail Center.

Last Thursday, in district meeting, we found out that no one in our district knows how to play the piano. Sister Kusnerik volunteered me to play (I don’t know how she knew that I even play a note.) Luckily the song was “Count Your Many Blessings”. I made it through OK. Pretty good for not having played in years. I think that once the Trail Center slows down more and I am feeling a little more confident in my teaching and history and things I will spend some time practicing in case I get called on again.

I love you!

Love, Sister Melly

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