Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pictures of Sister Melanie's arrival in Omaha

Sister Melanie with her Mission President Milan F Kunz and Sister Leslie Kunz
Missionaries arriving in Omaha on September 27/2011: Elder Powell, Elder Cosens, Elder Mendel, Elder Thompson, Elder Hancy, Elder Evans, Elder Harris, Elder Wallace and Sister Unice, Sister Wilson, Sister Kunz, President Kunz, Sister Bown, Sister Pinchak, Sister Lamb

Sister Kunz writes:

Upon arrival, the new missionaries are taken to the
Pioneer Cemetery on the Temple Grounds.There, President Kunz issues a challenge:If you are willing to servewith the same conviction and faith
as these wonderful men and women did,
then step around the monument and face the temple.

As faithful young missionaries,
they all step around toward the temple.
I can feel their silent prayers
for the same faith in the face of adversity
that those brave pioneers had.
It is a sweet moment to see their beautiful young faces
so full of hope and determination.
These are incredible missionaries
and seeing their faith,
strengthens mine.

Sister Melanie is living in an apartment about .5 miles from the Visitors Center and the Mission President has asked that all mail be sent to the Mission Office on Arbor Street and they will forward it on. Mission events and pictures are posted on the Kunz's family blog -


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