Friday, September 23, 2011

Sister Melly's Next Last P-Day in the MTC

Well, it has only been a couple of days since I last wrote, but it seems like it has been forever! We started Visitor's Center training on Wednesday and the days have suddenly slowed to almost a complete stop. But, even though the days seem to take forever, we still don't have enough time to get everything done that we want to. I think that it is from starting something new and having to adjust to a new schedule, new teachers, and new classmates. I miss the elders from my old district. We are always saying things like "The elders are probably out tracting right now" or "They probably have already baptized someone by now." It is weird to think that if we were not doing VC training, we would also be out in the field right now, but that is probably something I should get used to pretty quickly here since we are leaving in just a couple of days.

There are 11 sisters in my VC class. We only have class with them, unlike our previous class which was also our district for church and other things. Three of the sisters are going to temple square, two are going to San Diego, two are going to Washington D.C., and then there are the four of us going to Winter Quarters. We talk a lot about how to give tours and bring in gospel principles and using referral cards and not very much about the history of the sites, so I guess that is something that we will have to pick up when we are in Omaha.

We have also been training on how to chat with people through Yesterday, we started actually talking to people. Unfortunately, our first attempts were not very successful. We still work together in our companionships, so Sister Pinchak and I talked to two different people. The first was a 12-year old kid from the UK who just wanted to ask us questions like "How do magnets work?" The hard thing is that even when people are just playing a prank or being stupid, we are still supposed to keep talking to them and giving them opportunities to talk about gospel subjects. I totally understand that we always want to at least leave a good impression of the church with people, if nothing else, but it is really hard to talk to someone who is just trying to toy with you. We spent more than an hour trying to talk to this kid and all he did was make smart-aleck comments in response to everything we said. Eventually, it was probably past his bed time since we figured that it was after 11pm in the UK when we were talking to him. The second person that we chatted with was a guy from Tanzania who was a member of the church and was trying to apply for the perpetual education fund. The problem is that the fund is not available to people in Tanzania. He kept trying to convince us to give him our email address so he could send us his application so we could take care of it for him. I felt terrible, but there really was nothing that we could do to help him.

Overall, kind of a difficult couple of days, but two P-days in 4 days can't be a bad thing and we are going to Temple Square tomorrow, so I think that things will be looking better really quickly!

On Tuesday evening, we had a devotional with Russel M. Nelson. He talked about the Book of Mormon and the October Ensign. It thought that it was pretty confusing that we had M. Russell Ballard last week and now Russell M. Nelson this week.

Love, Melly

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