Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cornfield Discouragement

Sister Lamb suits up

The cornfields out here are not looking so great. Almost everything is dead, with the corn still hanging on the stalks- rather than being straight off the stalks, it is kind of flopped over and yellow. It is very tragic looking.

Dear Family,

Love you!

I don't have a lot of time this week, so this will be a sharter email, but that will probably make it easier to read :)

I don't feel like much happened this last week, but maybe thats a good thing because i will have less to write about.

The major thing that happened this week was that Aliyah dropped us. She was supposed to be baptized two weeks ago, but didn't come to church, then was going to be baptized last Saturday (the 18th) but didn't come to church again. On Satursday we stopped by her familys apartment and were able to talk to her for a while. She had lots of questions. She would ask something, we would explain, and then ask her if what we had taught answered her question, if it made sense to her, etc, and she said yes everytime, but it still seemed like she was questioning. She said she wanted to tome to church though, so we were planning on having the McCash family go to pick her up. As we drove home at the end of the day, we got a text from her saying "I don't want to go to church anymore, at least not that church. It's just not for me." we texted back and forth a little and then I just bore my testimony to her of the blessing of the gospel and turning our will over to God and of the Spirit that she has felt, but we go no response after that. Itw as really sad. It is one of the worst feelings when someone knows what is right, and you know that they know it, but they still decide not to act on what they know. Of course this happens a lot. People get scared or whatever reason and they just fade away, but it is harder when they are so close. The other time that I have felt this on my mission was with Beth, in Oakview, back in February I think. It just kind of miserable. It not even that I just want a baptism or some kind of number to add to our statistics. I know that Aliyah needs this, that it would be such a good thing in her life and in the lives of her family members. I can see that the changes she has made already are changing her, but if she would just have the faith to go a little bit farther, I know that she would see greater miracles.

We are going to still invite her to YW this week and hopefully the YW will keep fellowshipping her. It is just hard because she goes to a different high school than most of the people in our ward.

Madison is planning on getting baptized on the Sept 15th. It is a little while away, but whe is trying to find a day when both her parents are going to be able to come, so that is awesome that they are both being so supportive and want to be able to come to her baptism. It sounds like the rest of her family is being supportive as well, so that is good.

Well, that has pretty much been it this week. We have been doing some finding this week and are going to be spending a lot more time getting to know the people in the ward, particularity meeting less actives and part member families.
Love you!
Have a good week!
Sister Melly

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