Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Transplanting in the Cornfield after a Crazy Week

Dear Family,

Today, we don’t have a lot of time because it has been a crazy day! We spent the night with the Lakeview Sisters last night at a member’s house. They were on vacation and told us we could sleep wherever, so we all had a sleepover in their living room. It was a lot of fun. We visited Katie Ford this morning. She got an eviction notice on her door yesterday, but we got that all sorted out :) We were kind of nervous for her, but it is turning out to be a good thing. Hopefully she learned something through all of this, even if it is only that when we put our trust in the Lord, He will help us. We also played soccer with the elders and some of the young men in the ward. That was fun :) ha ha. We grocery shopped and cleaned our apartment. And most importantly, we heard about transfers! I am . . . . . staying in Millard and will be companions with Sister Bergeson (again!). Kind of crazy. Apparently there was something that we didn't learn from each other the first time, so now we are getting another opportunity to learn. I am excited for Sister Bergeson to be in Millard because she has been serving in a rough couple of areas, so I think that it will be a relief for her to just get in and teach a whole bunch of lessons. Sister Belka is going to be opening up Rockbrook (just to the east of Millard) with Sister Sakurazawa. So, tomorrow will be the big change!

This last week, we had a fireside on Sunday with the cast of Come Home to Kanesville, which we are going to see tonight with Julie. We will see how this goes.

We have also spent a lot of time with the Elmwood Sisters this last week because Sister Atkin has been sick. It has been absolutely amazing! We took turns staying with Sister Atkin and going out with Sister Jarman to either our area or theirs. We saw so many miracles! It is amazing how even when we have less time, Heavenly Father is able to direct us to the most important, most effective things that we need to do so that we are able to get about the same amount of things done in a much smaller amount of time. In Elmwood one morning, we went to go check on a less-active that was not home. Then, Sister Jarman and I each choose a house to go knock on (keep in mind that it is often hard to find people at home during the day). We went to the one I chose first. They opened the door, the husband invited us right in. the wife was about to leave but decided to stay to talk to us. They had a million questions about everything, so we did our best to answer as many as we could and keep relating everything back to prayer and truth and feeling the Holy Ghost. They are such a neat couple! I just wish I was serving in Elmwood so I could go back and teach them again. Then, we went to the house that Sister Jarman picked. We met a young, college-age man and also taught him about prayer. Heavenly Father blessed us so much to be able to go straight from one prepared person to another and teach many lessons in the few hours that we were together. So amazing!

Let's see, other miracles this last week. Madison, the 14 year old, who we have been teaching for a couple of months now, is dong great. We had her read a scripture and then she called us an hour later and says that she got addicted to the scriptures. we shared a song with her from and now she listens to it all the time and plays songs for us over the phone :) Yesterday, we taught her about modesty as she was sitting in her short-shorts and a swimming suit top and she just expressed to us how much she wants to keep the commandments and was instantly coming up with ways that she can make the clothes that she wears more modest. She is so cute! She is set to be baptized on August 18th. Aliyah, the other young girl that we have been teaching has been out of town for a couple of weeks, but will be back this Saturday, so we are excited to start teaching her again so that she can be baptized as well :) there are so many great things happening.

Well, I love you!

Sorry for the short email this week,

Sister Melly

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